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100% Intense

100% Intense Degrassi PRG
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credit to who knows

Welcome to the 100% Intense Degrassi RPG! ok and yes i did mean to spell Grapevine but i was half asleep when i made this community.

This is an RPG where u can have a hell of a lot of fun..no applications no nothing just put in the subject box the character you wanna be and ask in politely in the msg box. Of Course its first come first serve so yea good luck!

Grade 9:
Kendra Mason

Grade 10:
Emma Nelson->x0x_emma_x0x
Chris Sharpe
J.T. Yorke
Liberty Van Zandt
Manny Santos->thenewmanny
Sean Cameron
Toby Isaacs

Grade 11:
Ashley Kerwin ->dustinmyeye
Craig Manning->mistercraig
Ellie Nash->x0bad_rhymerx0
Hazel Aden->hazed_hazel
Jimmy Brooks
Marco Del Rossi->mr_marco
Spinner Mason
Terri McGreggor
Paige Michalchuk -> paigerules_hun

Dylan Michalchuk
Mr. Raditch
Angela (not sure if anyone wants her but hey whatever)
Ms. Kwan
Mr. Armstrong

Next come the rules!!!

1. If you want membership you have to have a character journal!
2. You have to remain active in both your journal and this community. You MUST update ur character journal AND post in this community at least every two weeks or u will be replaced!
3. No cursing out people unless they really do dislike eachother and even then lets try to keep is pg-13
4. This RPG is about degrassi so lets try keep it that way. Please Stay in character and if the post is not character related put OOC in the subject box.
5. Please no perverts!
6. No promoting other communities!

Thanx lets try to have fun with this because Degrassi rox and this community should too!!!
Your Co-Moderators
paigerules_hun and dustinmyeye
(Paige and Ashley)

P.S.- if u got any questions email paige or IM ashley (lookin4asng2sing) we put the info above!!!

credit to who knows