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10/25/04 01:26 am - paigerules_hun - Halloween!

Hey guyz i kno ive been sick lately but im starting to feel better (i think) and i just realized... halloween is just around the corner!!! so i need to whip up a costume quick! here are my choices:

Little Red Riding Hood

Give me ur opinion while ur at it: WHAT ARE U GONNA BE FOR HALLOWEEN?!!!

Love ya HUn!
The one and only

p.s- thanx to manny for takin over the car wash while i was out u are such a good friend!

10/24/04 08:31 pm - everyone_sux05

Someone tell me what happened in the latest Degrassi!!!! I missed it on accident!

10/23/04 12:06 am - x0bad_rhymerx0

hey, lifes been tough lately :/
to see what im talking about read my latest entry

10/22/04 11:46 pm - dustinmyeye

I updated my journal for anyone that is interested

10/19/04 04:38 pm - paigerules_hun

i update my journal if anyones interested
Love Ya Hun!

10/19/04 01:18 pm - mistercraig - jt and manny broke up

i guess its sad... never thought he was good enough for her ... and he watches me in the locker room ... thats just weird

10/16/04 07:43 pm - everyone_sux05

I can NOT believe Emma broke up that fight!!!!! I mean he had it coming, right? I knew she was getting soft for him and Paige u are so blind not to have seen it. Peace Alex

10/16/04 01:01 am - hazed_hazel

Hello, i know i havent updated lately but i finally did and i swear i will update regularly, atleast once a week , if not more! dont forget to check out my journal! soo thirsty! must go!
xoxo - .:*:. Hazel .:*:.

10/16/04 12:53 am - dustinmyeye

I can't believe he's back. I really can't. I was so shocked. I really didn't think he would show his face in Degrassi again but I guess I was wrong. Just as long as he stays away from me, we'll be fine. Paige, how you didn't smack the crap out of him I will never know. Emma, the silent protest was genious I have to say. Very nice. I guess this was just another one of those weeks at Degrassi where there were major happenings.

*I'm sorry and I care why?*

10/15/04 04:49 pm - paigerules_hun - OOC

Hey guyz just to give y'all a heads up well be coming up on the two week mark soon and ive notices a lull in everyones entries. I'm pretty sure This weeks degrassi should start up some converstaions so please keep updating!!!!
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